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About Brooklyn Farm
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Situated one hours drive south from Adelaide on the Fleurieu Peninsula.

Brooklyn Farm is a thirty two hectare property located on the western side of the Fleurieu Peninsula.  Beautiful countryside consisting of clear clean beaches with rolling hills that provide fabulous scenery and magnificent sunsets.  Our property supports a winter creek which is lined by grand old gum trees sporting girths over five metres! Hundreds of years old!

Our home is centred on the property with the accommodation approximately 100metres away. The accommodation facility provides a luxurious stay and was built for the film The Boys are Back and was referred to in the film as Joe's House. We still refer to the house as, "Joe's House".

The property is an original early settlers home and was used for general farming and grazing.  It was first settled approximately 1870 by the Sampson family from England and had fourteen children.

Today we farm olives for fruit and oil, graze a small herd of Dexter cows for meat, have some well loved chooks and two dogs.

The lifestyle is wonderful and we are surrounded by clean air, the sounds of birds and if we need to, we travel a short fifteen minute drive to our local shops.

A short walk to the beach provides seclusion, fishing, snorkeling, canoeing and swimming is safe particularly for children.

Locals launch their boats and others their canoes/kayaks in the sheltered bay, fishing for squid, whiting and garfish. The rocks at the southern end of the cove are also a notable spot for fishing, with, squid, snapper and other fish caught regularly.  Even salmon can be caught off the rocks if the water is right, and big catches are common during winter. 

The local area provides some pleasant gentle walks whilst the surrounding hills may offer some challenges for those keen to test their levels of fitness.

The beach has an area for the breeding colony of the endangered hooded plovers.  These little birds lay their eggs directly on the sand and being quite timid, are easily disturbed off their nests.

Our farm teems with bird life - wedge tail eagles soar overhead and the skies on dusk screech to the sounds of the yellow tail black cockatoo, the pink galah and white sulphur crested cockatoo.  The surrounding habitat is a haven for small birds including fairy wren, firetail finch, fantail, willy wag tail to name a few.  Larger white barn owls and tawny frog mouth owl are seen and heard frequently at night or roosting during the day.

Kangaroo are plentiful and the shy echidna may be seen, especially on the warmer nights, waddling accoss the creek or crossing the road.

During the summer months especially, teams of happy wanderer butterflies provide a marvellous and unique spectacle when disturbed whilst covering a tree in the garden or drinking from the dew laden lawn.

We are currently working towards some projects to improve vegetation and habitat for wildlife and also hope to complete a walking trail through the property to link up with the community walking trail across the cliff and down onto Myponga Beach.


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